A Layer of Transition Lies Beneath The Memory Foam

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The Midnight begins with a cover of 100% polyester, soft to the touch and heat-resistant. The comfort system consists of two layers of foam under the cover. The top layer is Memory Plus Foam, Helix’s proprietary memory foam. All of the pressure points and this is the best mattress for shouldr pain which were accommodated. However, there was a little more bounce and no overheating, as reported by our testers.

Memory Foam

A layer of transition lies beneath the memory foam. This material gave the impression of being firmer, and its use in tandem with the support centre helped to prevent excessively. The Helix Midnight has a pocketed innerspring coil support core with two layers. The hybrids we tried all had better edge support and responsiveness than traditional coils while conveying less motion. The coils are supported by a thin layer of high density, which also acts as a shock absorber.

The Helix Midnight has a 100-night sleep trial with no risk to you and a 10-year warranty that will replace faulty mattress parts. All 50 states’ residents receive free shipping.

Hybrid Mattress

We are looking for a hybrid mattress that strikes a good balance between comfort and support. Consider the. One can find a suitable, even the Plus model because it comes at four different firmness levels.

This is an excellent option if you’re looking for a hybrid mattress that provides a comfortable level of support without sacrificing responsiveness. Overall, the mattress performs well and is well-liked by reviewers for its comfort and convenience. The bed has a robust appearance and provides excellent pressure relief, both of which can assist reduce back pain while you sleep.

Side and Back Sleepers

We found that side and back sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds who favoured a bit more padding gave the Softer = the highest ratings. Most practical and well-rounded was the Luxury Firm’s blueprint. This combination of softness and firmness worked well for our heaviest sleepers (up to 230 pounds) who slept on their backs or bellies. And those weighing between 130 and 230 pounds who prefer to sleep on their sides found it to be just right.

The Firmer was a hit with all kinds of sleepers, especially those who weighed more than 230 pounds and those who slept on their backs or bellies. Overweight test subjects of all sleeping positions loved the Plus.

Coils in Every Model

The reinforced perimeter coils in every model ensure you won’t feel any discomfort around the bed’s edges. The coil system not only keeps the surface of the mattress cool by allowing air to flow freely, but it also helps keep the rest of the bed excellent.

Although the bed has lower motion transmission than some of the other hybrids we’ve evaluated, those who value isolation from movement may want to consider the softer option. Although the Luxury Firm, Firmer, and models fared best in surveys measuring responsiveness for sex, other alternatives should be acceptable for couples who place a premium on this quality.

Materials Used

The foundation of each design is a Euro top stuffed with gel-infused and covered in the Softer, Luxury Firm, and Firmer designations that have a thicker slab of support beneath their plush pillow tops. Our experts found that this patented material moderately pushed back on the body and provided even contouring without sacrificing comfort. The Plus has a layer of supportive latex for extra comfort and convenience.

A central core of pocketed coils provides structural support. Because of how these springs are organised, the mattress feels firmer in strategic places like the middle and along the sides. Because of their unique wrapping, each coil maintains its mobility and can respond immediately to your body’s pressure. We observed that these coils reduced motion transmission and improved spinal support.